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“There’s no rulebook for self management”

Type: Case Study
Self Management Award winner Twimukye

Rosie from Mindwaves and Chris from the ALLIANCE talks to Self Management Award winner Twimukye Mushaka

For World Mental Health Day, we spoke to Twimukye Mushaka, winner of the Shazia Akhtar Individual Transformational Story of the Year at the ALLIANCE Self Management Awards.

Here, she shares her story from arriving in the UK as a refugee 17 years ago to working full time for the poverty Alliance, all while managing complex disabilities.

She says that there is no rulebook for self management; it’s different for everyone. But Twimukye puts her success down to three things:

  • a good relationship with healthcare professionals
  • being around supportive people who understand her experience
  • taking time to take care of herself and listen to her body

You can listen to her life-affirming take on self management here. (This link will take you away from our website)

Original post from Mindwaves(This link will take you away from our website)

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