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Waverley Care – Self Management IMPACT Fund

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Photograph of David Cameron from Waverley Care

David Cameron from Waverley Care talks about having their self management programme funded by the Self Management IMPACT Fund.

Waverley Care is Scotland’s HIV and Hepatitis C charity, aiming to make a positive difference to the lives of people affected. Their work is focused on prevention, education, testing and support.

Their Self Management Programme was designed to enable people to take control of their lives and think positively about the future.

Waverley Care applied to the IMPACT Fund to take their previously funded work to support training programmes for people affected by blood-borne viruses to the next level. They knew that to do this effectively they would need to work with staff teams externally to deliver their Self Management training on their behalf.

“We wanted to extend the reach of our training to broaden and sustain the development of our Self Management work.” David Cameron

Waverley Care worked with the Scottish Qualifications Authority to run an accredited pilot in partnership with NHS Tayside. Staff taking part were able to put the training towards their Continued Professional Development. NHS staff were able to observe Waverley Care teams delivering training, and then be observed in return, and supported, by them delivering the programmes for themselves.

“We helped teams change from a ‘fixing’ approach to one of more facilitated, person-centred approach – we wanted to enable sustainable change.”

This approach to training proved to be intensive both for Waverley Care to support, and also for the NHS teams to participate and commit to. However, it brought additional unexpected benefits. It created an greater awareness of the work Waverley Care were doing to support self management, and attracted other Boards to consider how they too could embed self management into their existing programmes.

“All our work has been about encouraging behaviour change, supporting people to think differently about their conditions, and professionals to think about their practice too.”

Waverley Care undertook to redesign delivery of their programme again, looking at modular input which increased choice and accessibility, for vulnerable people living with the conditions, and also for professionals.

“Being connected to other ALLIANCE projects enabled us to share and learn with others, develop new ideas and partnerships and stay linked to national policy.”

The learning and evaluation that Waverley Care gained has helped them to shape a more flexible approach to delivering the same outcomes for people. The ALLIANCE funding also gave a platform for them to share what they do with others and secure recognition for it, with several awards, such as ‘Quality in Care’ and new partnerships resulting from their self management work, with NHS teams in England and abroad.


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