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“You think everything looks all good on the outside but you’re struggling on the inside”

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A story of one woman's experience of recovering from cancer and living life day-to-day in the present.

“It was like, tonight we’re going to shave mum’s hair off. But things seem like a pure distant memory now.

My dad had passed away the year before. One thing led up to another. I was in a bath and I just felt a lump. I waited ages for the appointment. My doctor was like, you’re only 27. They did a mammogram, and nothing came up, then they did an ultrasound. Then they did a biopsy, it was all on the same day. That was the Tuesday I think, then the following Tuesday I had the surgery. They said it was the most aggressive, so I had to get it out.

It’ll be ten years this year from when I found the lump. I always felt like right, I’m going to do this, I’m going to go back to work I’m going to get the kids organised, we’ve got things to plan we’ve got holidays to go. We’ve always got plans.

Worry is a killer. Every day I’m like I’m not going to stress about this, I’m not going to worry about that. The small things don’t matter. You pick your fights.

Some days, I do have bad days. I’ve got a lot of short-term memory issues.  I struggle a lot with that. I’ve got nerve damage in my hands and my feet. Some days I’ll be like what day is it? Wee things like that when you think everything looks all good on the outside but you’re struggling on the inside.

My faith and my family, above everything else, that is it. I met him three years ago. We spend a lot of time together. He’s a great person. We’re moving forward.”

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