The ALLIANCE responds to the National Care Service (NCS) Expert Legislative Advisory Group (ELAG) discussion topics.

The Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE) welcomes the opportunity to participate in the National Care Service Expert Legislative Advisory Group (ELAG).

The ALLIANCE has supported the principle of the creation of a National Care Service (NCS) if implemented in a way that responds to the concerns and experiences of people accessing social care and the workforce and the recommendations in the Independent Review of Adult Social Care. We have contributed extensively to consultations, the co-design process and stakeholder advisory groups.

In consultation with our members, we prepared suggested amendments to the Bill as introduced and have shared and discussed these with the Scottish Government. We have also detailed our comments on the papers shared with the Group.

Within the ELAG meetings, we discussed the following topics:

  • National Care Service Board
  • National Care Service Local Reform
  • National Care Service Principles
  • Procurement
  • NCS Complaints and Redress, NCS Charter, Independent Advocacy

In the document links below, we detail what was discussed up to and including the meeting on 23 May.

You can find the minutes of each NCS ELAG meeting on the Scottish Government’s website.

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