Innovative policy and research launched to support NHS Scotland employees with periods and menopause at work.

The ALLIANCE is very pleased to see the launch of NHS Scotland’s National Menopause and Menstrual Health Workplace Policy. For more information see here.

The aim of this policy is:
• Support those in the workplace experiencing menopause and menstrual health symptoms
• Create an environment where staff can discuss their experience and get the right support they need at work
• Improve menopause and menstrual health awareness across the whole workplace

To support the policy, a line managers and workplace adjustments guide have been produced. These resources are available on the National Wellbeing Hub here.

To support this work, the University of Glasgow conducted an independent research study to understand NHS Scotland employees’ lived experience of menstrual health and menopause at work. Over 6,000 people participated. It is one of the first studies in the world to undertake high quality independent research across a large population to (i) capture the experience of both menstrual and menopausal health at work, and (ii) generate evidence-based recommendations around best practice based on employees lived experiences. You can read the research report here.

The development of a menopause and menstrual health workplace policy for NHS Scotland is one of the 66 actions within the Women’s Health Plan, which was published in August 2021. The ALLIANCE is supporting the implementation of the Women’s Health Plan through a dedicated programme of lived experience engagement. You can sign up to our mailing list at to stay up to date with opportunities to get involved.

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