This is the first phase in the development of tools and guidance to support people who are waiting.

We are pleased to pass on the news that the Waiting Well Hub has now launched on NHS Inform. There are 2 main areas of work Waiting Well are currently focussing on: 

  • Providing better information on how to wait well and lots of self-help material on NHS Inform and signposting to local and national services;  
  • Designing improvements to support people to have a health and wellbeing plan at the start of waiting to enable the waiting period to be an active phase supporting health and wellbeing

The purpose of the Waiting Well Hub is to give people the information and tools they need to look at their own health and wellbeing during the waiting period, think about what matters to them and what health improvements they could make in the meantime.  

The team at NHS Inform extend their thanks to key stakeholders in the development of this work for their contributions in development of the content, review and feedback of the site. With special thanks to colleagues at NHS24 for designing the site. 

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