The Scottish Poverty and Inequality Research Unit (SPIRU) have created and launched a new online resource.

An online directory of case studies that describe local actions which have been introduced to tackle poverty has been published by the Scottish Poverty and Inequality Research Unit (SPIRU) at Glasgow Caledonian University. SPIRU is a research group working in partnership with the Poverty Alliance and other stakeholders to examine poverty and inequality within Scotland and beyond, and to develop responses to deprivation felt by the community.

This new directory provides a public searchable database of previous initiatives to help inform decisions made by policymakers, service users and practitioners. It will allow for future local initiatives to build upon the experiences of communities and ensure that previous lessons are not lost.

They have initially launched the Directory with 20 case studies, with more in progress. You can access the Directory here: Tackling Poverty Locally Directory | Glasgow Caledonian University | Scotland, UK (

You can access the case studies here: Case Studies | Glasgow Caledonian University | Scotland, UK (

The SPIRU welcome suggestions for content for new case studies. Please contact them if you have any ideas or recommendations at

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