Action in integration

Written by: Shaun Moore, Performance Poet, the ALLIANCE

Published: 05/06/2018

Photo of poet Shaun Moore behind a lecturn

Performance poet reviews the ALLIANCE 2018 annual conference

Fiona and Centrestage choir started the day off and set the theme
and then governor Rhona continued Killie connection and how reintegration can often become disintegration
but passion and pragmatism can go hand and hand.
Carers Needs and income and shelter.
Derek Todd spoke of experience in communication barriers and he spoke the universal language of humour.
Annemargaret Black spoke of humanity within her rule breaking team.
Proceed till apprehended and rip up the booklet and it sounded like revolutionary tactics who we gonna call Red Tape  Busters.

Heard some participants talk and unpaid carers feeling they had no voice, complaints system that just ticked a box.
All well and good making recommendations through due course but they had to be implemented and not being enforced.

Seeking good outcomes and using solutions and statistics on the sick man of Europe.
Again in terms of Europe and Brexit we all know the affects and Health and Social Care and learned that Scotland.
Brexit problems are more pronounced and medicines affected too.

You will have picked up something different something else to take away.
Writing all this mad poetry so thanks to stall holders and exhibitors outside for years supply of free stationery.

Spoke to Gordon about bravado thing we do and what we should not do.
Congratulations it will be a boy a big strong boy and he will be some player hope he is not a cry baby.
Play the game and the fair game and don’t cry and pull up your socks and hold it in.
Show some bottle, some heart, fight to succeed, give it laldy but keep the heid.
Don’t be a wee lassie, a big poof, a jessie be the best and live every round and lift that cup.
Lead from the front, pick up the pace, don’t lose face, can’t afford to cry and hit the ground running fast and run and run yourself into the ground.
Stand up and raise your game and keep standards high and stand tall be the bigger man and don’t cry.

Support your family,
your friends your team but don’t ask for support back,
that is weak,
don’t sit down and greet, grit your teeth, bite your tongue,
swallow your pride, turn the cheek, don’t cry,
be a man, be all man, it is better just to explode,
blow right out like a raging storm, an angry erupting volcano, a screaming cyclone, that is a better, macho way to go.

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