Gamification in healthcare

Written by: Phillip Smy, Producer, Pocket Sized Hands

Published: 29/11/2018

Screenshot from a game developed by Pocket Sized Hands showing a laboratory environment.

Phil introduces the Discover Glasgow Digital Trail and the concept of gamification in healthcare.

Hi everyone! My name is Phil Smy and I’m a part of Pocket Sized Hands (this link will take you away from our website). We’re a software and games company based in sunny Dundee, Scotland.

Discover Glasgow

Pocket Sized Hands were originally approached by the ALLIANCE to create ‘Discover Glasgow’. Discover Glasgow is a digital trail which aims to increase awareness of population health and the different services and attractions relating to public health in the city of Glasgow. By visiting different places in Glasgow and ‘checking in’ you’ll be able to learn more about the different services available in Glasgow,  as well as general information about the city. Other than learning more about Glasgow, you’ll also enter a prize draw to win some amazing prizes! You can take part with your mobile phone by visiting: alliance-scotland.org.uk/DiscoverDigital/Glasgow.
Be sure to turn on location services and mobile data. Happy hunting!

Discover Digital

We were lucky enough to be invited to exhibit at both the Dundee and Glasgow events which formed part of the Discover Digital awareness week. Exhibiting at both events was a great experience in which we were able to meet some amazing people and get some incredibly useful feedback on Dish Life. Dish Life is a mobile game we’re currently developing with Cambridge University. Dish Life aims to educate players about stem cells in society and the caregiving elements of stem cell research. Having both the public as well as the exhibitors being able to play the game and to receive their feedback, was invaluable to ourselves at Pocket Sized Hands.

Gamification and healthcare

Dish Life is a great example of the type of work we do at Pocket Sized Hands. Myself and the rest of the team at Pocket Sized Hands are incredibly passionate about healthcare as well as the use of games design techniques (gamification) to educate people. For us, Discover Digital was a great way to meet more people from the healthcare industry and to inform them about the use of games to engage people with healthcare.

You can find out more about what we do at Pocket Sized Hands by visiting our website: http://pocketsizedhands.com (this link will take you away from our website).

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