Introducing ALLIANCE Staff – David Brady

Written by: David Brady, Development Officer, the ALLIANCE

Published: 20/08/2019

Next in our series of staff inductions, we hear from Development Officer David.

In 140 characters, what is your role at the ALLIANCE?

I am currently a Development Officer with a split role, working in the GIRFEC and Integration Support teams. I enjoy delivering GIRFEC training to national Third Sector organisations and also meeting with TSI’s building partnership working within Integrated Health and Social Care

Previous experience…

Previous to joining the ALLIANCE I ran the Young Adult Carers Project for Renfrewshire Carers Centre while studying full time at UWS.  In this Role I was responsible for the Support of Young Adult Carers aged 18-28 within Renfrewshire, undertaking research into their needs and campaigning at local and national level to highlight the needs of Young Adult Carers.

Biggest learning experience in previous or current role?

The amazing work that local third sector organisations undertake on small budgets and the constant pressure to secure additional funding. Often vital projects are only funded for a year and there is a real pressure on staff to find resources to allow these vital services to continue. Often though, fantastic services ultimately disappear due to this short term funding.

Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?

Twitter (DavBrad80). Was an excellent platform for making connections while at Uni and made a vital impact on highlighting the success of my last project

In my spare time I like…

I have a number of Volunteer roles that I enjoy being part of. I am currently an Non-Executive Director of The Food Train. I also enjoy being part of my local bowling club, even at my very young age I have been in my bowling club for over 25 years starting when I was just a boy.

When you were younger what did you want to be when you grew up?

A formula one driver, Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher were my heroes as a kid but the closest I get to that is my Xbox.

Trade places with someone for one day, who would it be?

Probably my three year old daughter to understand how you can have so much energy on so little sleep!

Planes, trains or automobiles?

Well its got to be trains or automobiles as I am worse than MR T when it comes to getting on a plane. Even a cup of milk will have no effect on me!

Stay tuned for more staff (re)introductions in the coming weeks.

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