ALLIANCE Briefing for Holyrood debate on adult social care review

Section: Policy into PracticeType: News Item Date Published: 12th February 2021

The next government should appoint a dedicated Minister for Social Care to urgently deliver the transformational changes necessary.

The ALLIANCE have published a briefing to inform MSPs ahead of the Scottish Parliament debate on the Independent Review of Adult Social Care (Feeley Review) on Tuesday 16 February 2021.

We believe there is much to be commended in the final report of the Review, including the strong focus on:

  • Reframing social care as an investment instead of a burden
  • Equality and human rights at the heart of social care
  • Closing the implementation gap between policy and practice
  • Greater empowerment for people accessing social care
  • Unpaid carers rights and requirements
  • Commissioning for social good
  • A gendered approach to social care and Fair Work
  • Removing non-residential care charges
  • Increased spending on social care, as an investment in the Scottish economy

Regardless of the structural form of social care in Scotland, it is essential that transformational change is delivered. Any reform should be assessed by how effectively they would deliver such changes. Given the importance of social care, particularly in light of this review, delivery should be overseen by a dedicated Minister for Social Care in the next government.

Throughout the evidence gathering phase, the ALLIANCE facilitated a considerable amount of engagement with the public, independent and third sectors, and people with lived experience. A full report on what that engagement found is available here. A brief report from a follow up engagement event immediately after the review is also available.

You can read the full briefing provided to MSPs via the links below. More information about the Review, including the final report, can be found in our news item from the day the report was published.

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