ALLIANCE Live round up 28 May – 3 June

Type: News Item Date Published: 3rd June 2020
Graphic reads: ALLIANCE Live weekly round up

This week ALLIANCE Live covered GP Practice Nursing and COVID-19, using technology to reduce isolation and loneliness during lockdown.

GP practice nursing and COVID-19

In this podcast, Carer Voices Project Lead Tommy Whitelaw joins Lynne Innes, National Director for Education at NHS NES  to discuss the role of general practice nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic. The wide-ranging conversation covered the delivery of person-centred care, new ways of working in light of COVID-19, the nuanced opportunities and challenges that technology brings and what the current situation might mean for future practice.

Listen to the podcast on AnchorFM (this link will take you away from our website)

Loneliness and Social Connectedness during COVID-19

In this ALLIANCE Live we are joined by Anne Callaghan from the Campaign to End Loneliness exploring the impact of loneliness, how COVID-19 has exacerbated it, how society can respond to support people affected by it and the importance of social connectedness and relationships.

Anne Callaghan is the Campaign Manager in Scotland for the Campaign to End Loneliness, a UK-wide organisation focused on research, policy and influencing on the issue of loneliness. She sits on the Scottish Government National Implementation group for the delivery of the Social Isolation and Loneliness strategy and is a trustee for Impact Funding Partners and Generations Working Together.

Listen to the podcast on Loneliness and Social Connectedness during COVID-19 (this link will take you away from our website)

Wellbeing Wednesday

In this week’s Wellbeing Wednesday, ALLIANCE Carer Voices Artist-in-Residence Xuechang Leng encourages listeners to find an artistic voice and identify, in this crowded world of images, some touchstones to develop their own aesthetic.

In this video, Xuechang shares his progress so far and provides insight into his personal journey, artistic process and inspiration as an artist. For Xuechang, in such a time of crisis and isolation, the role of art has become even more central to his life. You can join the Carer Voices project in a range of creative activities to support your mental health and wellbeing.

Watch the video on the ALLIANCE YouTube channel (this link will take you away from our website). 

Webinar: Using technology to reduce Isolation

Watch the recording of this webinar to see demonstrations of tips and tricks to help you or people you work with stay in touch with loved ones using digital tools.

In this time of lockdown we have all had to adapt to less traditional ways of communicating with one another. In this ALLIANCE Live webinar Chris Grant from AbilityNet shows us how to make the most of a range of social media and video conferencing applications.

By watching this webinar, viewers can expect to:

  • increase their skills in using social media and video platforms
  • be more confident in showing others how to use these tools
  • stay more connected to family and friends

Watch the Webinar on the ALLIANCE YouTube Channel (this link will take you away from our website)

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