The ALLIANCE is inviting our members to send us their UK General Election 2024 manifestos.

Ahead of the UK General Election 2024, taking place on 4 July, the ALLIANCE is inviting members to share their manifestos with us. We will be highlighting these and sharing them more widely on member’s behalf on our website and social media platforms.

We are welcoming manifestos from ALLIANCE members which outline the key issues and policy priorities they’d like elected officials and Government to focus on.

The ALLIANCE wants to ensure that people living in Scotland have their rights and needs met by the UK Parliament. By sharing our member’s manifestos we hope to add to our collective voice. You can read about the ALLIANCE’s draft key priorities for our manifesto here.

If you would like to share your UK General Election manifestos with us please contact our Policy and Information Officer, Billi Allen-Mandeville, at

Find out more about the upcoming Election and key dates on the Electoral Commission’s website.

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