Building a commitment to kindness

Type: News Item Date Published: 9th September 2021

Carnegie UK have launched a set of materials on putting kindness at the heart of practice.

In October 2019, Carnegie UK first brought together a Kindness Leadership Network (KiLN), made up of members from different sectors spread across England, Scotland and Wales, with the stated aim of supporting and challenging organisations to take practical action to embed kindness into their workplaces and services.

They have now launched a set of materials that tells the story of KiLN, and hope to inspire and support other organisations to join this growing moment in seeking to put kindness at the heart of their practice.

‘Leading with kindness’ (this link will take you away from our website) tells the story of KiLN, narrating how the network and its members adapted to COVID-19, and what we learnt about what is possible when kindness becomes an operating principle. It finishes with a Commitment to Kindness that distils this collective learning into six goals designed to enable organisations of all kinds and in all places to sustain and deepen their focus on kindness.

One of the barriers to implementing and sustaining kindness identified by KiLN members was the challenge of understanding and evidencing the impact of an approach led by kindness. ‘Getting the measure of kindness’ (this link will take you away from our website) is intended to support organisations to develop their approach to measurement, providing a range of questions, tools and approaches to consider.

Carnegie UK invite organisations to endorse the Commitment to Kindness, to use it as a framework to enhance your organisation’s approach to implementing kindness, and to join a growing movement of ‘kind organisations’.

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