The ALLIANCE Tayside mental health services workstream reviews work in 2020

Section: People and NetworksType: News Item Date Published: 18th January 2021

We continued to ensure people remain at the the ‘heart of mental health services’ and change in Tayside.

The challenges and uncertainties of this year compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic has made clear that the issue of mental health is not only relevant but crucial. It is arguably more important than ever.

The ALLIANCE’s previous programme of engagement and report for the Independent Inquiry into Mental Health Services in Tayside (in collaboration with third sector partners) led to us being remitted to setting up a Stakeholder Participation Group (SPG).

In 2020, we have continued to support the SPG by facilitating regular meetings and communication with the Chief Executive at NHS Tayside.

The final report of the Independent Inquiry, ‘Trust and Respect’ (this link will take you away from our website), was published in early 2020. The Inquiry was led by Dr David Strang and the report contains evidence gathered including the lived experiences of people that ALLIANCE engagement activity contributed to. A report for mental health in Tayside (this link will take you away from our website) was subsequently published in response. This was heavily influenced by the ALLIANCE`s engagement work which was evident in the 51 recommendations. The draft plan pledges to put people at the “heart of services” and the ALLIANCE has been noted for its engagement activity with people with lived experience in the early pages of the proposed action plan.

This year, we were asked to continue this piece of work over a longer transitional period to support future planning arrangements and the postponed Strang Review now due to take place in April 2021. It is important to note that the Vice Chair of the new Strategy Board will be someone with lived experience or a member of a local TSI. This is good progress in providing future opportunities for sustainability in mental health services in Tayside.

The ALLIANCE would like to thank everyone again who attended and participated in our events and gave their views. We would also like to thank our third sector partners across Tayside who supported this piece of work.

The Independent Inquiry into Mental Health Services in Tayside was a significant milestone for families who campaigned so hard for change and we were glad to see this represented in the proposed action plan. You can read about the Tayside Mental Health Services Inquiry on our website.

Reports of other ALLIANCE programme activities during 2020 can be found in our News section.

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