What does community mean to you?

Type: News Item Date Published: 22nd June 2022
Logo for ALLIANCE Annual Conference with text that reads: Community: People, Voices, Stories

The ALLIANCE are looking for responses from its members to the question: What does community mean to you?

Carrying on from the ALLIANCE Annual Conference 2022 ‘Community: People, Voices, Stories’ we are asking all of our members to help contribute to our conference question “What does community mean to you?”.

Each year the ALLIANCE produces a review video containing key highlights of the week long conference that are interspersed with short clips that tie in with the events theme.

With the theme this year being community, the ALLIANCE are aiming to capture the meaning of community to it’s members and stakeholders. These statements will seek to demonstrate the power and impact that the idea of community has within us all.

To do this, the ALLIANCE is inviting it’s members to respond with short videos sharing their answer to, “what does community mean to you?”

Here is some guidance on how to do this:

– A length of 10 – 20 seconds is ideal but can be shorter, even just one word

– Individuals can choose to record on their phone or arrange to be recorded remotely on Zoom

– There is also the option to record in person for larger groups with a staff member from the ALLIANCE arranging a visit

– If recording via phone, videos can be sent via WhatsApp to 07557977389 or emailed to

If you have any questions or would like further information please email

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