Joining the HYPE in Aberdeen

Written by: Carmen Paputa-Dutu, Development Officer, Digital Health and Care, the ALLIANCE

Published: 19/12/2019

Image of various job profiles laid out on a table

On St Andrew's Day, ALLIANCE staff traveled to Aberdeen to join in an event organised for and by young people.

What we found there was an inspiring example of what can happen when youthful passion and ambition converge with a school’s willingness to cede power and let them drive their own activities.

The Health and Young People Exhibition (HYPE) event took place at Cults Academy on Saturday, November 30. It showcased an array of over 20 stalls from employers and education providers from Aberdeen and beyond. The event was free to attend to any pupils, parents and teachers looking to find out more about the various careers and organisations that fill the health and care landscape.

Those attending could choose to visit stalls, take part in free first aid training, peer inside ambulance and fire rescue response vehicles or attend various presentations. There was even a presentation from our very own Tommy Whitelaw. Tommy gave an inspiring talk on the importance of human relationships and practising intelligent kindness on a daily basis in any health and care career.

We also decided to bring Discover Digital to this event, approaching it from a different angle. Instead of promoting digital services and projects, we highlighted the various pathways one can take to enter a career in digital health and care. We asked our Discover Digital collaborators to share their stories: how did they come to do what they do? What were their backgrounds? What inspired them to choose a career in health and care?

The result was an array of inspiring journeys, from a range of equally inspiring people. From the psychology graduate that now works to support senior citizens to avoid social isolation, to the physicist that developed a Virtual Reality app to help children prepare for MRI scans. The careers and roles we showcased all had three elements in common: passion, curiosity and innovation.

We hope that this will help inspire the next generation to think outside the box when choosing a career in health and care, as well as remember the importance of human kindness. We were delighted to be invited to take part and sincerely congratulate the organisers and pupils on their very successful event.

To contact the organising team or see pictures form the day, follow @CultsAcad_HYPE (this link will take you away from our website) on Twitter.

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