Spreading kindness through words and art

Written by: Tommy Whitelaw, Project Lead, the ALLIANCE

Published: 20/03/2020

Carer Voices Project Lead Tommy calls upon the role of the whole community in spreading kindness during this time.

Whilst caring for my mum beautiful mum, Joan who was living with vascular dementia, loneliness and isolation was a constant in our lives. The uncertainty and fear was present in the blogs I would write and within the letters I would receive from others.

During that time, the kindness of people made all the difference. As I first shared on my personal blog (this link will take you away from our website) I will always remember the District Nurse who put her arm around me to say “you are not alone” or the Speech and Language Therapist who dropped by our home after work just to check-in and offer her help. It wasn’t something they had to do but chose to do. These acts of kindness stay firmly in my heart and are a part of the foundations of my work with the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland and my talks.

In a matter of days, the world has become a profoundly stressful place amid the COVID-19 outbreak. It is normal to be feeling stressed, anxious and scared right now. In fact, many of us may be feeling more lonely and anxious now than ever before and we will certainly be more socially isolated. Kindness has never mattered more its seems as it does today.

Over the last few days, I have watched people I do not know and organisations near and far adapting to keep kindness at the forefront. It has been encouraging and inspiring. This is a time to spread kindness and thanks in many different ways and this can still be done from a distance.

With the schools now being closed, I think it would be a great idea if young people were to spread kindness to those who have been deemed as key workers and in need of social connection such as our unpaid carers, NHS healthcare professionals, care at home teams and community members in care homes. The guidance on the UK Government website makes clear who has deemed as a key worker (this link will take you away from our website).

I would like to ask our school kids and their families to take some time to design posters, art, write words and poetry for people within their communities via social media and email. At times like these, appreciation and social connection can make all the difference.

As Project Lead of the Carer Voices project, I’d be happy to assist in making these connections with health and social care professionals in particular. You can tag us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and use the #CarerVoices20 to share support and give thanks to organisations and individuals who are keeping us safe and well.

Take some time to share your gift of kindness. I’m reminding you that you matter. You are not alone. You are beautiful. You are remarkable.

You can send by email to carervoices@alliance-scotland.org.uk

Tag us in on twitter at @ALLIANCECarerVo

Use #CarerVoices20

Thank you


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