Publishing an Opinion on the ALLIANCE website

Written by: Christopher Doyle, Policy and Information Officer, the ALLIANCE

Published: 21/08/2019

Is there an issue or campaign that you would like to put in the spotlight?

If so, you might be interested in submitting an ‘Opinion’ blog.

The Opinion feature is a platform for ALLIANCE members to raise awareness of something that they are passionate about, and is shared widely through our website and social media channels.

Opinions are a place for inspiring, thought provoking content which highlights a personal or organisational opinion. We’ve pulled together some top tips which will help you to get the most out of your Opinion blog.

  • Keep it short and snappy – aim to write 600 words at the very most.
  • The best posts are concise and get to the central argument early on. Think about framing your points in short, punchy paragraphs and don’t be afraid of using bullet points.
  • Think about your audience and how you would speak to them to persuade them of your view.
  • Think about a title that will catch people’s eye and help bring your blog to life on social media.
  • Think about your article’s main ‘call to action’ and don’t forget to include links to different websites or sources you’ve referenced.
  • Walls of text can look unappealing on their own. You might like to send us a copy of your organisation’s logo together with a ‘headshot’ photo of the author that we can upload to accompany your article.

Looking for inspiration? Have a read through other Opinions to see the great contributions that ALLIANCE members have submitted so far.

If you would like to have a chat about your idea, or to submit your draft copy, please contact

Christopher Doyle, Policy and Information Officer at christopher.doyle@alliance-scotland.org.uk.


Justine Duncan, Events and Communications Manager at justine.duncan@alliance-scotland.org.uk.


By consenting to publish an Opinion blog on the ALLIANCE website, your personal information will be processed in accordance with the ALLIANCE’s Privacy Policy.

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