ALLIANCE Annual Conference – Twitter Timeline

Type: News Item Date Published: 4th June 2018

A breakdown of our day at the 2018 Annual Conference through Tweets using the hashtag #actionhsc18.

This year’s ALLIANCE Annual Conference Action: The 2nd Health and Social Care Integration Event on 4 June in Glasgow was a huge success. We received great support and enthusiasm from all of those who attended and this was highlighted on Twitter with over 1,651 tweets using the hashtag #actionhsc18. This social media engagement from our delegates saw us trending in the UK on Twitter.

For those who didn’t attend the conference, it is easy to see the impact of that each of our speakers, performers and workshops made through our Twitter timeline, as well as the day as a whole.

The day commenced with lots of anticipation from our delegates:

Delighted to be at @ALLIANCEScot annual conference today. Looking forward to some great talks and workshops #ActionHSC18 – @PovertyAlliance

Delighted to be at @ALLIANCEScot annual conference and AGM. Let’s integrate! #actionhsc18 –  @SHORTSTUFFeh

The event started off with an opening and welcome from our brilliant Conference Chair, Pennie Taylor:

Well it’s JAM PACKED at the #Actionhsc18 conference in Glasgow, just listening to the lovely Pennie Taylor @ptupdate let’s get this conference trending rt – @susanas4321

Followed by our talented performance poet Shaun Moore and a standing ovation for Centrestage Choir:

Amazing turn out at the 2nd Alliance Health and Social Care Integration event, kicked off with a very impressive poem by Shaun Moore #actionhsc18 – @SaraMcL82

Wow! What an amazing performance from Centrestage Choir reminding us we’ve all got #somethinginsidesostrong #actionhsc18 – @FoodTrainScot

Fantastic start to #Actionhsc18 this morning. @shaunsayinstuff & @CentrestageMT putting inclusion & acceptance & action to change our world up front. As well as bring smiles to our Monday morning mugs. – @MadameEilidhMac

Then came our lightning talks from our fantastic speakers:

Excellent speech by Rhona Hotchkiss and the need for a home and income for everyone. #Actionhsc18 – @richardmeade13

Great to hear from @Carer49 on caring & the difference between policy and action in #integration. It can be difficult to have a say or influence on what impacts on your life. We need to stay positive, move away from the process driven services & focus on humanity #Actionhsc18 – @SusanLowes3

#inclusive communication vital in #intergration shared Derek Todd @deafscotMedia – could not agree more with his key points and the vital voice of using #lifeexperiences to lead change #actionhsc18 – @WellbeingMoray

Really encouraging to hear annmargaret Head of @EAHSCP describe her role as a ‘red tape buster’ #actionhsc18 – @marysinclair5

Our morning and afternoon workshops were all very busy and some great reflections came from our attendees:

Standing room only at the #Brexit session at @ALLIANCEScot conference #Actionhsc18 hearing from @UnisonDave @alison_culpan looking to take Brexit discussion to local level – @LauraMcC86

Just had a great group meeting at #actionhsc18 @ALLIANCEScot talking about co-production with Young People! –  @FYCFocusGroup

Mike Russell MSP also addressed delegates in the afternoon:

Mike Russell @Feorlean offers a reminder that events such as this, highlight changes that are needed and the reality of those changes when they are implemented #actionhsc18 #perspective #HSC #integration #whatworks #whatneedswork #adapting #coproduction #workinprogress #Alliance – @Lou_Henderson2

Overall we saw a lot of great comments throughout the day:

A theme of more action today not tomorrow at health &social care integration alliance Scotland event #Actionhsc18 – @FionaDunwoodie1

@ALLIANCEScot annual conference today. Great programme of workshops and plenaries taking place #actionhsc18 – @DanHarley3

Tired, but invigorated and hugely encouraged by the determination of @ALLIANCEScot members to keep pushing for positive action. Culture change, better communication and the need for carers to have a vote on integration boards are take-home messages for me. #ActionHSC18 – @ptupdate

As a hearing aid user I can’t tell you how much I appreciated the ‘subtitles’ at #actionhsc18 today. Sad that I have just described it to someone as a luxury – when inclusive communication should be a right. Thanks @ALLIANCEScot and @deafscotMedia – @HeartInMouthOrg

Thanks again to @ALLIANCEScot for giving #carers the space to have a voice…..allowing us to be honest about the challenges in public service. It’s appreciated.  #actionHSC18 #integration #valuemycare – @Carer49

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