We warmly welcome proposals for a new National Outcome on Care, but work remains to be done in more firmly embedding the National Outcomes.

The Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE) have responded to the Scottish Parliament Finance and Public Administration committee’s call for views on the National Outcomes review. We responded to the Scottish Government consultation at an earlier stage of the review, calling for a new National Outcome on Care to be added.

The ALLIANCE therefore warmly welcome that the proposed changes to the National Outcomes include an Outcome on Care. We believe this has the potential to make a significant difference, by raising the profile and importance of care within public body policy and decision making processes. Elsewhere in our response, we:

  • Welcome changes to the business and economy related Outcomes, creating a “Wellbeing Economy and Fair Work” Outcome.
  • Welcome the addition of language referring to “unpolluted air” within the definition of the Environment Outcome.
  • Welcome the recognition of social security as a route out of poverty in the reformulated Reduce Poverty Outcome.
  • Emphasise the importance of the standalone Equality and Human Rights Outcome, whilst making clear that human rights should be embedded throughout the outcomes.
  • Recommend that more work is undertaken to ensure the National Outcomes are more fully embedded in the Scottish Government’s policy development processes.
  • Look forward to engaging further on the indicators developed to measure each of the Outcomes.

You can read our full response via the resource links below.

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