ALLIANCE response to commission call for views on ADP regulations

Section: Policy into PracticeType: News Item Date Published: 24th August 2021

The ALLIANCE re-affirmed our belief that new disability entitlements should not replicate the 20-metre or 50% rules.

The ALLIANCE have today submitted our response to the Scottish Commission on Social Security’s (SCOSS) call for views on the proposed Adult Disability Payment (ADP) regulations. ADP is a new entitlement intended to replace Personal Independent Payment (PIP) in Scotland starting from next year. In our response, we raised our ongoing concerns about replication of the “20 metre rule” for mobility and “50% rule” regarding how much time someone’s condition impacts them.

The ALLIANCE have previously responded to the Scottish Government consultation on the proposed ADP regulations. In addition to noting concerns about eligibility criteria, we encouraged the Scottish Government to undertake a review of all disability assistance, not just ADP, in line with the six principles suggested by the Scottish Campaign on Rights to Social Security.

In their response following the consultation, the Scottish Government stated they do not intend to remove or reform either of the relevant rules (this link will take you away from our website), stating that they were concerned that such changes would lead to the UK-level Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) not viewing ADP as a comparable entitlement to PIP, and thus resulting in the loss of passported access to other social security entitlements.

In our submission to SCOSS, the ALLIANCE query whether specific proposals have been put to the DWP to determine whether this would be the case in practice. We ask that the Scottish Government clarify what discussions have been had with the UK Government regarding this, and whether this imposes practical restrictions on the implementation of devolved social security powers.

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