A tribute to Scotland’s Carers

Written by: Irene Oldfather, Director, the ALLIANCE

Published: 24/11/2017

Irene marks Carers Rights Day 2017 by paying tribute to Scotland's 788,000 unpaid carers.

It’s fitting in the run up to Christmas and as we mark Carers Rights Day, today that we remember that for many of Scotland’s 788,000 – Carers there is no day off.

We know from our engagement work that Carers often feel isolated, can experience loss of identity and sometimes just feel lonely at what can be the busiest time of year for many families.

For some Carers Christmas can be a real challenge because as families and friends celebrate, and shops and workplaces close, Carers can feel more isolated than ever.

For most Carers there is no work party or Christmas night out and yet they never complain. Caring really is a labour of love and many Carers don’t actually even identify as Carers but see themselves as dutiful daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, spouses.

It’s heartening to see progress in acknowledging Carers as equal partners – they deserve that recognition. They make a huge contribution to the communities of Scotland and I don’t think there is any group more deserving of our gratitude and our praise.

So on Carers Rights day a big thank you from all at Dementia Carer Voices and at the ALLIANCE for all that you do. Thank you for the support that you give to those that you love, and for the way in which you support all of us in our work and outreach.

You make Scotland a better place – you enrich our communities and we couldn’t do it without you.

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