Self management: offline and online, through crises and beyond

Written by: Carmen Paputa-Dutu, Development Officer, Digital Health and Care, the ALLIANCE

Published: 14/05/2020

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Three member organisations share their hopes and learnings in a new podcast to mark the release of the latest Discover Digital report.

The link between self management and digital is something we have been looking at in the Digital Health and Care team extensively. We know that digital has the potential to enable self management, under the right circumstances. However, in light of the current COVID-19 crisis, new questions arise: how is the lockdown impacting organisations which provide self management support? Where does the technology fit in now that everything is being moved online? And how do we ensure that whatever we do, the focus remains on people and their outcomes?

Who better to ask than three experts from our network: Sodi Kakouris from Let’s Get On With It Together (LGOWIT), Maggie Wright from Families in Trauma and Benn Benjamin from LGBT Health and Wellbeing. In what turned out to be a passionate conversation, full of optimism and hope for the future, they discuss how their services have adapted to the new situation and how they have ensured that they continued to facilitate human connections for those they support.

The wide-ranging conversation covers inclusive outreach, online courses, tapping into communities of interest and even tips on how not to put people off by hyping the technology too much – let it fade into the background instead and focus on the individual. Listen to the entire 30min podcast on AnchorFM now (this link will take you away from our website).

And to find out what we’ve learned about self management and digital from the public during our 2019 Discover Digital events, download our latest report: ‘Discovering Digital self management: public views and expectations related to the use of digital tools in the self management of long term conditions’.

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