ALLIANCE briefing for National Care Service debate at Holyrood

Section: Policy into PracticeType: News Item Date Published: 8th September 2021

The briefing recommends implementing the Feeley Review as a priority, with greater investment in social care and broader co-production.

Ahead of the upcoming (Tuesday 14 September) Scottish Parliament debate “A Caring Nation – Recovering, Remobilising and Renewing Health and Social Care in Scotland”, the ALLIANCE have circulated a briefing to MSPs on the key issues. The COVID-19 pandemic shone a spotlight on many pre-existing issues, emphasising the longstanding need for a radically different approach to social care.

The briefing emphasises that whilst structural and organisational change may be necessary, it is vital this does not come at the expense of people’s rights and good personal outcomes. Amongst the actions we view as crucial to the creation of a new National Care Service are:

  • Implement the Feeley Review recommendations as a priority.
  • Co-produce social care reform with people who access social care, unpaid carers, and third and independent sector organisations.
  • Embed equality and human rights in all elements of a new social care system.
  • Ensure increased and adequate investment in social care, using a human rights based approach to budgeting.
  • Remove non-residential care charges.
  • Remove the implementation gap between Self-directed Support policy and people’s experiences.
  • Ensure greater recognition and support for unpaid carers.
  • Rapid delivery of the Fair Work Convention recommendations on social care.
  • Implement flexible and innovative approaches to commissioning, focused on equality, rights, and personal outcomes.

You can read the full briefing below.

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