The ALLIANCE welcomes the Herbert Protocol

Type: News Item Date Published: 1st September 2021

The Protocol is an information gathering tool to assist the police to find a person, living with dementia who has been reported missing.

The ALLIANCE today welcomes the nationwide roll out Herbert Protocol.  Police Scotland and partner agencies in Greater Glasgow have introduced this scheme to help trace vulnerable missing people. This offers an opportunity to put in place a plan around how we keep people safe and, when they do go missing, to ensure that as a community we know what to do, who to alert and how to handle the situation.

Families of a person with dementia are asked to download the Herbert Protocol form (this link will take you away from our website) and provide information such as places of importance to them, often visited places, health issues and places they have been found in the past if reported missing. Ownership and responsibility for updating the form remains with the family.

Following its introduction in Scotland, the Hebert Protocol has been used many times to trace missing people with dementia and return them home. It is another example of how emergency and care services are working together to keep those with dementia safe.

ALLIANCE Director Irene reflected on the importance of these processes being put in place in her recent Opinion Piece

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