Five reasons to submit a nomination to the Self Management Awards

Written by: Rhona Millar, Senior Development Officer, the ALLIANCE

Published: 24/06/2020

Self Management Awards 2020

The Self Management Awards are open for 2020. Rhona shares five reasons why you should submit a nomination.

Shout about your work!

The Self Management Awards are a great way to recognise the hard work and commitment across health and social care in supporting people to manage their health and life, on their terms. Submitting a nomination to one of our seven categories can be a simple way to promote the work of your project, a staff member or volunteer, or family member or friend who is making a difference to support people to live well with a long term condition.

Self Management is more imperative than ever

Self management has long been recognised as an approach that supports people to be in the ‘driving seat’ of their life, and  the COVID-19 pandemic has only reinforced its relevance, and intensified its value across our health and social care systems and society.

For many people across Scotland, the routine care and support that plays an important role in their self management has had to pause, the informal network of support has adapted, and equally new strategies have had to be sought.  As we emerge from this public health emergency, for many individuals how they approach  self management of their health will be noticeably changed, along with the wider circumstances of their life. By creating the opportunity to promote and celebrate  those that are leading the way in self management, we hope the Awards can contribute to this developing conversation as we look to the future of health and social care in a post-COVID world.

Positivity during these tough times

In times of crisis, the adage ‘look for the helpers’ is a way to focus on the responses of those who support their community and commit acts of kindness. As a member of the Self Management Team, this year the Self Management Awards have taken on extra significance as a way to highlight positivity and shine a light on the good work that is taking place across health and social care.

Submitting a nomination to the Self Management Awards may not fix the very real challenges presented by COVID-19, but for those nominated it can act as a powerful reminder that they have made a positive impact to somebody’s life, or that their individual journey to self managing is recognised. At times like these, this cannot be underestimated.

There’s an award for everyone

This year there are seven categories to choose from, each looking at self management from across different aspects of society. The Award categories are:

And if there are too many categories that you think you would like to apply for, be assured that you can submit as many nominations to as many categories as you like.

It’s easy to apply

So you’re encouraged to submit a nomination to the Self Management Awards, but what’s the next step? The nomination forms are quick and easy to download and can be found on the Self Management Awards page.

If you have any questions or would like to chat through your nomination, the Self Management Team are on hand to support you through the nomination process – whether that’s having a conversation about which of the categories you think would be the best fit, or even reading over your nomination forms before you submit, we are on hand to make the process as easy as possible.

The Self Management Awards are open for nominations until Friday 24th July.

Watch the Self Management Awards announcement from our Awards sponsor Alex Neil MSP in this short video (this link will take you away from our website).


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