ALLIANCE Dementia Carer Voices project expands to include all carers

Section: People and NetworksType: News Item Date Published: 6th January 2020

The new year brings exciting changes to the ALLIANCE Dementia Carer Voices project as it expands to reflect the diversity of caring.

The ALLIANCE Carer Voices project would like to wish all readers a happy new year.

The new year brings exciting changes to Dementia Carer Voices as the project expands to ‘Carer Voices’ from 6 January 2020, building on its successful outreach and rights-based work over the years.

The project has had amazing opportunities over the last year especially meeting the most incredible people both in person and at talks, through their pledge campaign, the ‘What matters to you’ movement and opinion feature on the ALLIANCE website.

The project’s commitment will continue to grow as it expands to support, share and celebrate the diversity of caring across Scotland from young carers, family carers and health and social care professionals. You can learn more about the project here.

Thank you to all for the support over the years. The Carer Voices Project look forward to meeting and engaging with more people this year, working in stronger partnerships and expanding the platform for people to share their lived experience more widely.

They would love to hear and share your story across the ALLIANCE platforms and visit your workplaces to deliver more ‘Intelligent Kindness’ sessions.

Stay tuned as the Carer Voices team have many exciting plans for the year ahead that they will be sharing over the coming months.

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