New ALLIANCE publication offers viewpoints on GP contract

Publication on GP contract

Primary Care: People as Partners is a series of reflections to stimulate debate about the implications of the new GP contract.

As the offer for a new GP contract in Scotland is accepted, Primary Care: People as Partners describes opportunities to strengthen supported self management approaches for people as a result of the contract.

The publication summarises how ALLIANCE programmes (Scotland’s House of Care programme, the Links Worker programme, Our GP, A Local Information System for Scotland (aliss) and Our Voice) work to realise the ambitions of these new models of care and support across primary care.

Launching the publication, Ian Welsh OBE, Chief Executive of the ALLIANCE, emphasised the importance of broad engagement in shaping future primary care services.

“As the new GP contract gets underway it’s vital that the full breadth of partners in the primary care landscape are involved in shaping this new model of care and support. This will require a commitment from Integrated Joint Boards to include people and their families; and third and independent sectors in developing a model that moves us forward over the next few years.

Within the new contract, it’s good to see that person-centred care remains prominent, the need for a supported self-management approach is acknowledged, and that the importance of valuing relationship-based care features. In primary care workforce and resource challenges remain significant, but the contract has the potential to support a House of Care and Links approach away from a dominant ‘medical model’ of treatment, towards a model of care and support that recognises the social determinants of health and builds on people’s expertise in living with their conditions.”


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