Our Voice Review of 2018

Section: People and NetworksType: News Item Date Published: 7th January 2019

A review of Our Voice activities over 2018 for our annual report.

The ALLIANCE are continuing to deliver under the Our Voice framework. This year has seen the development of two key networks that were developed to support engagement within the Our Voice framework.

The Scottish Involvement Network, a peer led network for people working in engagement and participation, has begun to host thematic workshops that aim to stimulate discussion around current challenges that members of the network are facing. To date themes have included Participatory Budgeting and hearing seldom heard voices. The Scottish Involvement Network now has over 50 members including those from housing, health and social care partnerships, the NHS and third sector organisations. All of the members contribute to the development of the network and the delivery of its two goals to improve the practice of engagement and raise awareness of the importance of engagement in decision making. Into 2019, along with continuing the programme of workshops, the network will be hosting an event around participation for the 2019 Firestarter Festival which will be developed into a ‘Participation Podcast’.

The IJB Public Representative Network has met three times at national events; the last one being in Aberdeen in April 2018. During these three workshops the network identified the key challenges facing them in terms of having a voice in local decision making. The intelligence gathered through this network has gone to inform the workplan for the Integration Support Team and also been used to advise Third Sector Interfaces who are seeking to offer support to their IJB Public Representatives.

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