Pam Duncan-Glancy – New MSP Lived Experience Podcast

Section: DigitalType: News Item Date Published: 4th August 2021

"So I didn't go to university with my unconditional offer - I deferred it because I didn't have the care I needed."

Following this year’s Scottish Parliament Election, the ALLIANCE thought it would be fun and informative for us to talk to some of the newly elected MSPs about their own experiences with health and social care. In this second interview, ALLIANCE Policy and Information Assistant Allan Faulds spoke to Pam Duncan-Glancy MSP.

Serving as an MSP for Glasgow and as her party’s Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Social Security and Social Justice, Pam Duncan-Glancy made history this year as the first permanent wheelchair user to be elected to the Scottish Parliament. Pam spoke about the barriers put in her way to accessing education, the importance of having disabled people elected to parliament, and hopes for transformational change in both social care and social security.

You can listen to the whole podcast at Anchor FM (this link will take you away from our website). In addition, a written transcript of the interview is available below.

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