ALLIANCE Live podcast with transcript – women and COVID-19

Section: Health and Social Care IntegrationMembershipType: News Item Date Published: 23rd April 2020

Engender's Emma Ritch discusses the differences gender plays in dealing with COVID-19.

Emma Ritch Executive Director of Engender (this link takes you away from our website)  speaks to Lucy Mulvagh, Director of Policy and Communications at the ALLIANCE in this ALLIANCE Live podcast.

Recorded remotely during COVID-19, the interview discusses the ways in which the differences between men’s and woman’s lives are playing into the pandemic.

You can listen to this podcast (this link takes you away from our website) on ALLIANCE Live Anchor FM. it is part of a specially commissioned series by the ALLIANCE’s Academy programme looking at COVID-19 and the Five Provocations for the Future of Health and Social Care.

Read a fully transcripted version of this podcast.

Engender want to know how COVID-19 is impacting on women’s lives in Scotland visit their website (this link will take you away from our website) to read women’s stories or to share your own experiences.

Engender (this link takes you away from our website) are a feminist policy and advocacy organisation working in Scotland. Its mission is to integrate women’s equalities and rights into the work and policies of parliament and Scottish Government. They work across three broad themes: women’s economic equality, women’ social and cultural equality and women’s political equality.

This information is accurate at the date of publication (23 April 2020).

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