Transitions to Adulthood Bill re-proposed to the Scottish Parliament

Section: Policy into PracticeType: News Item Date Published: 20th September 2021

The Disabled Children and Young People (Transitions to Adulthood) Bill aims to carry forward a proposal from the previous parliament.

Pam Duncan-Glancy MSP has lodged a proposal with the Scottish Parliament for a Disabled Children and Young People (Transitions to Adulthood) member’s bill (this link will take you away from our website). The proposed bill aims to improve the experiences of disabled young people in their transition to adulthood, and support the realisation of their right to independent living.

If successful, the bill would require Scottish Ministers to introduce and implement a statutory National Transitions Strategy to improve outcomes for disabled children and young people in the transition to adulthood. In addition, it would require a Minister to be given responsibility for transitions, and for local authorities to introduce a transitions plan for each disabled child and young person.

A similar proposal was lodged by former MSP Johann Lamont in the previous session of the Scottish Parliament. Although the proposal received broad support and progressed to the stage of a draft bill, not enough time remained in the parliamentary session to complete the legislative process.

The outcome of the pre-legislative consultation on the previous proposal is available on the Scottish Parliament website (this link will take you away from our website). As the new proposal is substantively the same bill, the Education, Children and Young People Committee has been asked whether it is satisfied that no further public consultation is required on the draft proposal.

If the proposal is accepted, it will still require to go through the full legislative process of the Scottish Parliament, including scrutiny by the Committee, amendments, and final approval by the whole Parliament.

Pam has previously spoken to the ALLIANCE about her some of her own experiences with transitions, and the barriers put in her way to accessing education. You can find out more about Pam’s interview, including a written transcript and a link to the ALLIANCE Live podcast, here.

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