What’s going on in Self Management Week 2018?


Find out what's happening in and around Self Management Week this year.

Self Management and Co-Production Hub

The Self Management and Co-production Hub brings together key ALLIANCE programmes contributing to the delivery of health and social care integration and transformation of primary care. The Hub builds capacity and shares learning about new ways of working which puts people in ‘the driving seat’ and helps them to live their lives better, on their terms.

Case studies

Compassionate Inverclyde: The creation of a Compassionate Community and Place of Kindness (part 2)

Part two of this case study covers the key factors of Compassionate Inverclyde's success and the main challenges that it is currently facing

9Days to go

Self Management Marketplace

Edinburgh City | 01/10/2018


More than Medicine: why should we invest in cross sector working?

Karen McIntyre reflects on organising the first More than Medline event in Renfrewhire and the importance of working across sectors.

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