Introduction to the Integration Support team.

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The Integration support team has been commissioned by the Scottish Government to increase the third sector’s capacity to contribute to health and social care integration, particularly within strategic decision making processes.

The Integration Support team also aims to increase the Health and Social Care Partnerships’ capacity to work effectively with the third sector and plan and implement solutions that enable this.

The Programme augments and complements the existing support that is available to the third sector and Partnerships through the Scottish Government’s wider investment in third sector capacity building, the work commissioned and delivered by the Scottish Government’s Health and Social Care Integration Division, and the work of other national improvement and support partners, such as the Improvement Hub.

The Programme uses an asset-based approach to capacity building activity, based on developing an in-depth understanding of the context of integration and current issues and challenges.

Given the nature of the third sector and its strategic engagement, the Programme also indirectly contributes to the work of capacity building programmes that support users and carers to coproduce the new health and social care landscape.

Programme Partners:

The programme is being delivered by the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE) with its delivery shaped by a partnership between: