The ALLIANCE is working with partners to support and promote Human Rights Budget Work in Scotland.

Human Rights Budget Work (HRBW) is a different approach to financial decision making. It puts people at the centre, and involves thinking through how our human rights are impacted by the way that money is raised, allocated, and spent.

Led by the Scottish Human Rights Commission, the ALLIANCE has been closely involved in aspects of HRBW developments in Scotland, including supporting the development of a series of briefing papers.

For more information about HRBW , visit the Scottish Human Rights Commission website – (this link will take you away from our website).

The ALLIANCE has also produced a video about human rights budgeting (this link will take you away from our website).



Why embedding human rights in Scots law matters

Written by: Lucy Mulvagh

Published: 17/02/2021



Third and Independent Sectors as Partners – One year on

Written by: Matthew Hilferty

Published: 15/02/2021



Scotland’s drug deaths shame

Written by: Dr Richard Simpson

Published: 18/01/2021

Case study

Case Study

“Suddenly, we were hit with the so-called ‘disability price tag’.”