The ScotRGH team regularly submits responses to consultations on gambling-related topics to government bodies.

The Scotland Reducing Gambling Harm programme puts the voice of people affected by gambling at the heart of action to reduce those harms. This work involves making our voices heard when government bodies ask for evidence and opinions on questions related to gambling. The programme is active in the Gambling Related Harms Working Group, established by Scottish Government and Public Health Scotland.

Following the publication of the Gambling Act Review White Paper in April 2023, the way gambling is regulated in the UK will change. Our team has been committed to take an active part in this process and highlight crucial priorities for Scotland through consultations that further investigate certain elements of the White Paper’s proposal.

Our consultation responses make the position of the ALLIANCE clear on certain issues such as minimum stake limits or the statutory gambling operator levy and are always grounded in the opinions of the Scottish Gambling Harm Lived Experience Forum. Have a look at our recent responses below.

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